Beautiful and dreamy connection between horse and female. This was a joy to paint. Original watercolour painting by artist Caroline Towning, inspired by the excitement of adventure and lust.


Elephant in the room” is an English metaphorical idiom for an obvious truth that is going unaddressed.

The idiomatic expression also applies to an obvious problem or risk no one wants to discuss.

Artist Submission Form

‘Our objective is to advance the use of drama, music, the media and the arts as a way to educate people, whilst improving and building relationships within the communities regardless of differences of creed, colour, race or sexual orientation for the benefit of the public.’

Media Community Network Ltd was founded in 2006. In partnership with a number of schools and organisations, we have collaborated with experts to produce 10 short mediated films addressing issues affecting young people. Such issues range from poverty, disability and marginalisation to diversity and inclusion in the wake of the Olympics as well as addressing children affected by domestic violence, regeneration, child neglect and bullying.


Our current project COOL TO BE KIND addresses low level bullying, which cannot be discussed by individuals openly for fear of retribution. This can happen in the classroom, in the workplace and/or in the home, however the root often fails to be identified or is overlooked and absorbed.


Our upcoming project is an anti-bullying arts exhibition at Menier Gallery, titled and themed ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM for which we are currently confirming artists to work with schools or organisations (in London and) across the UK. Artists will be required to watch the accompanying film in a group and participate in a brainstorm to inspire your group and to create a piece of art that illustrates the “Elephant in the Room”.

The categories are music, art, poetry and film. The school/organization will each hold their own competition and submit the best piece to be hung or exhibited at Menier Gallery. Human mannequins will wear the fashion items. The established artist will also submit their person piece (for auction, if they so wish- the donation is agreed by the artist) to be hung in the exhibition at Menier Gallery. We hope to invite aspiring graduates as well as professional artists to be a part of this project.